Well I am a 24year mom to my daughter who is 14months old. I have been leading worship with my husband (who I have been married to for 4years) for the last 4months. I am a South African but I live in New Zealand.

I love worship God. I have loved to sing since I was 6years old. I went on to sing in school choirs and then was part of a rather large Children’s Choir. After my time in Choirs I bought a guitar and taught myself to play and played a few times at homgroups but wasn’t any good. I wrote a few songs in 2000. I always wanted to lead worship but I didn’t think that I would ever lead with an instrument I  thought it would always be with my voice. But God had other plans for my life.

While I was pregnant and before leaving South Africa for New Zealand I played again in a Homegroup and didn’t do too badly.

I got to New Zealand and for a month my husband and I would travel to Auckland to fellowship in a Church there before we found a church we liked that was more local. Which brings us to Riverside.

Riverside Church is a new church plant. The Pastor there, Peter, was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year. We joined his church and felt really welcome and just knew that God wanted us there.

Peter used to play guitar and lead worship before we arrived but the Chemo was causing severe oedema in his hands and feet and the tips of his fingers became very sore. So we stepped in while he was in hospital having his tumour removed. He is now in remission  and the tumour was removed without any problems. The doctors are calling it a miracle.  Peter had a stent put in before he had his tumour removed as it was pushing on his aorta and if they didn’t put the stent in he would’ve died. Now there is a problem in that his veins now need to find new paths and this is taking awhile and his hand is still not doing well enough to play for more that 2mins.

So my husband and I have been put in the gap. I compile a song list every week and my husband I play our guitars and I sing and lead our very small church in worship.

It can be very tiring but I have learnt so much in the last few months and have really improved. I don’t think I could play as well as I do now without God.


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